Exercise: The Key to Healthy Aging & A Happy Life

Exercise: The Key to Healthy Aging & A Happy Life

It does not require any money, but instead, it may require a little bit of your free time

 Think about it like this: even if you were a millionaire, who wins incredible amounts of cash every single month, nothing in the world will ever give you back your health and well-being.

We are used to offer more time to accomplish dreams, goals and desires that have more to do with the material side of our lives, instead of transforming our mental and physical health in top priorities.

We become wealthier from the financial point of view, spending our entire lives at work, in the hope that we will go up on the social ladder as soon as possible, without saving some time to feed our souls and bodies with a healthy routine.

Key to Healthy Aging & A Happy Life :

Even though we assume that the human is a rational being, our decisions are most times, based and generated by emotions.

For example: “I don’t feel like training right now” is one of the most common excuses whenever you impose yourself with unrealistic goals in terms of working out.

Instead, we should come up with rational arguments like “I wish to become healthier” or “By summer I will look insane in my bathing suit”.

This process is dubbed by shrinks as a hyperbolic discounting and you’re not the only who becomes affected by it.

Instead of hitting the gym knowing that you don’t even have any clue how a fitness hall looks like or going for a jog without warming up first, you should take baby steps.

The first “baby” step

Walking is the gentlest exercise and it’s accessible to all: it’s safe, does not require any previous training and the benefits are countless.

Walking prevents diabetes, reduces the risk of breast and colon cancer, strengthens the heart, bones and, my favourite one: alleviates the symptoms of depression.

 And the best part is this new discovery made by a group of scientists from the Highlands University

 The American experts found out that walking increases the blood flow to the brain, improves the memory and cognitive skills.

The effect is even more intense when you jog and they even spotted encouraging results on the people who ride a bike at least 3 times per week.

The experiment was conducted on a group of 12 perfectly healthy individuals, who were assigned to move with a constant speed of approximately one meter per second, in a vertical position.

The blood supply to the brain was monitored by ultrasound.

Surround yourself with people who love sports :

 If you are a social person who hates doing activities alone, especially if you’re not exactly a fitness junkie, surround yourself with people who share the same goals.

Tell your friends about your new passion or join a group of people who are into sports.

In this way, you will transform those annoying and exhausting exercises into a pleasant meeting with your buddies.

You will know that you have succeeded during that day when you will not even realize the effort you invest, because you will talk, enjoy, laugh and share stories with your new partners in crime.

Because in the end, no one has become passionate about this after the first two or three days, so you must be consistent in order to transform this healthy habit into a major part of your life.

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